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Healig Method 2: Functional Health 

 Functional Health Questionnaires 

Functional health questionnaires are designed to help us diagnose problems at the root of the medical complaint and to focus on the recommendations for treatment. We use them extensively in addition to the use of Kupat Holim tests, functional laboratory tests sent to laboratories abroad, and innovative DNA testing. All these are intended to help us locate the source of the problem and to adjust a recovery program in "personal sewing", which includes recommendations for additional inquiries, a personalized diet for each and every one according to the background problems identified.

A comprehensive health questionnaire was recently added to our series of questionnaires sent to patients who choose to implement the program






The program is designed to adapt nutritional recommendations designed to maximize DNA function.

In order to give you a "taste" of the functional questionnaires that we use, we have uploaded some of the themwe use to the site. You can answer them and see if your health may be impaired, even though the regular  tests you conducted were all in order. 


The information obtained from the questionnaires may help locate the source of your suffering, which was not found in any other way.

(For Hebrew speakers only for now).

Should the questionnaires point to the possibility of a problem existing You are invited to 

Call Tami


and check with her for her recommendations

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