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MGNA TM is the revolutionary software to which patient data is entered.


The program



















How does the MGNATM program interpret the raw data obtained from performing advanced saliva tests?

We use the MGNATM program to create a personal recovery program for you. The MGNATM program helps us by providing a closer look at your genetic makeup, thus enabling us to:

  • Identify defects in your body's metabolic pathways,

  • Identify genetic variations (SNPs) that may affect your ability to produce and use various nutrients, critical to your blood health, immune system, and even the emotional system.

These data suggest to us the dietary modifications, possibly including nutritional supplements, that will contribute to your body functioning at its best:

Is Based on utilizing this software. 

  • Produce energy,

  • Produce enzymes,

  • Help prevent premature aging,

  • Effectively remove toxins and more.

Unlike other software available on the market, MGNA brings a revolutionary innovation. To streamline therapeutic decision making, it cross-references:


We believe that this cross-referencing makes MGNA a revolutionary program that brings us into the future world of nutrition. The program creates conditions that allow us to fundamentally change basic nutritional concepts and to make recommendations based on "what is healthy" or "what is recommended for specific situations" to recommend what is appropriate for the individual patient according to his / her personal data, as described above.

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