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Saliva Test for DNA Mapping

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the new Saliva kit, which is the most advanced and comprehensive kit for home DNA testing available on the market.

It allows the mapping of your genetic makeup, and checks for the presence of 200,000 SNP's on different metabolic pathways, which may be related to needs for functional nutritional support. This kit is the foundation for the "Maximum You" program.

What is the Saliva Test and why it is important

Our health is our most valuable asset. For generations we have been occupied with ways to improve our health and to reduce the chance of becoming ill, by improving our nutrition and changing our lifestyles.

Until recently, information about our personal genetic makeup as an indication of our level of risk for sickness, tumors, and degenerative disease, etc., was unavailable to us, and so was not a factor in our consideration of what steps to take to improve our health.

Remarkable advances in technology in recent years have irrevocably altered this, and today, by means of a simple inexpensive saliva analysis that allows the mapping of our personal DNA makeup, we can recognize sensitivities to foods, to learn what our genetic makeup is in terms of our ancestors, to measure our ability to engage in sports, to identify our risk for developing pathology and certain diseases, etc.

Accordingly, DNA mapping by means of a saliva test has become an integral part of the functional tests used in functional medicine, and has added an immensely important tool in the designing of a plan of action for the improvement of health; thus, it serves as the procedural foundation of the "Maximum You" program.

We are in the midst of switching from 23andme, who performed the tests for us until now, to a new company whose test we consider to be superior. Very soon the shift will be completed and details will be provided.


The saliva testing kit is now available from Tami, exclusively for participants in the "Maximum You" program (Basic, Advanced, and Optimum formats). CLICK HERE for costs of the program.


The collection of the saliva sample is done at home in accordance with the instructions provided in the kit.

Immediately upon your signing up for the program, Tami will upload your particulars to the company website and open a user page for you on the site.

More details will follow soon.

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