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There are many functional lab tests. While on the one hand, the more we look at, the more we will know and understand about the cause of a health problem, which will minimize the damage of misunderstanding a problem. Nonetheless, recommendations for using the tests are given selectively according to a patient's condition.


-What are functional lab tests and what is their importance for me?
-What do the functional lab tests examine?
-Are the tests done in Kupat Cholim (National Health Service) adequate?
-Who should have functional lab tests done?
for the answers to these questions and additional information click here


Please note:
Tami will provide you with the kits for the needed lab tests.
At the time of ordering the kits, detailed instructions for their use will be provided.

The price (including VAT) of a lab test includes:
-a ready-to-use kit with Hebrew instructions (translated from the original English)
-a verbal explanation of how to do the test
-a review the test results, a consultation with the lab (on Skype, recorded)
-establishment of recommendations, and a summarizing consultation with the patient

What is NOT included:
-shipping (instructions for shipping will be provided to you at the time of ordering).
N.B. The freshness of the specimens is critical, and accordingly, prompt shipping is the
responsibility of the patient.

Note: the OAT test and the Neurotransmitter test are included in the "Maximum You" program". Click here to purchase them within the framework of "Maximum You".

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Click here for information about the various tests.


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