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A comprehensive computerized questionnaire

  • As part of the implementation of the program, the patient will complete a comprehensive computerized health questionnaire on the MGNA website. 

  • A link to the computerized questionnaire with filling instructions will be sent by Tami upon purchasing the "MAXIMUM YOU TM" program.

  • Please answer the questionnaire within a week from when we send it to you.

  • The questionnaire data will be sent to a personal page that will be allocated to the patient on the MGNA website.

  • The personal page will always be accessible to the patient and will be accessed using a user name and password.

  • Your case is view-able on the "Chen Qi Center for Whole Health" patients’ portal of the MGNA website by means of a user name and password. *

  • The completed questionnaire data will be combined with the genetic data obtained from the saliva tests performed and with the functional laboratory tests performed as part of the program

  • Subject to the data received, a personal rehabilitation program will be constructed that will include nutrition, supplements and changes in lifestyle in order to optimize the expression of DNA and improve health.

  • Upon receipt of new information, the file will be updated on a regular basis with new research data.

* NOTE:  The MGNA website is maintained at a high level of security to maintain the privacy of your personal medical information. In addition, you have the option, if you wish, to use a fictitious name.

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