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For the first time in Israel

In the Chen-Qui Center for Whole Medicine

A revolutionary program for maximizing your DNA potential

After many months of study and preparation, as part of our plan to expand and improve the range of therapeutic methods available in our clinic

We are proud and excited to present the "MAXIMUM YOU" program to our patients

The structure of the Maximum You Program:

Each patient’s "Maximum You" therapy program is designed personally, based on their genetic data (from the DNA test and analysis) and their health data, collected from a combination of functional lab tests and a comprehensive medical history taken by means of a computerized questionnaire.


The program is available on its own (with Tami) or in combination with Dr. Lu’s treatment.

Personally Tailored Therapy Program powered by MGNA software

MGNA is a revolutionary software application used in the program. MGNA cross-references the patient’s personal health data, and assists a therapist with suitable training in providing nutritional guidance to improve the patient’s health by maximizing their genetic functional potential. The data with which the application is to be loaded comes from several sources:

  1. results of an advanced saliva sample analysis provided for the purpose of mapping out the patient’s personal DNA

  2. a computerized history: a comprehensive health questionnaire collected directly into the MGNA website

  3. results of advanced functional lab tests

The cross-referencing of these sources of data provides us with a glimpse of the patient’s personal genetic makeup, with the manner in which this genetic potential actually expresses itself in regards to different signs and symptoms. This perspective helps us to:

-better understand the manner in which the patient’s inherited genetic makeup actually functions, its actual (not just potential) influence on their health, and their healing potential.

-to observe which of the patient’s potentially problematic genes have already in fact caused problems in terms of disease and/or general symptoms. Combining the above provides the insight which will enable the creation of a personalized program for recovery.


How do we acquire the raw health data on which your personal program will be based?

We recommend that you undergo the comprehensive process of data collection as described above. The tests needed for this are not covered by Israels' National Health" coverage. We will guide you with appropriate instructions for having them done by laboratories outside the country. The test results are then loaded into the software application which will then process them by organizing, prioritizing, and cross-referencing the thousands of parameters.

The result is the generation of a report which maps out the metabolic problems in the body and compares them to the genetically predisposed difficulties (see further on “variants” and “SNP”) which likely play a role in these problems. This provides us with a powerfully clear perspective and helps in the formulation of a highly personalized recovery program designed to improve the dysfunctional systems, so as to allow the body to execute a long-term, in depth, natural, and safe recovery process.

Such a program would include personalized optimal nutritional recommendations, the use of personally selected specific supplements, improvement of the quality of sleep, physical activity, stress reduction/management, and more.


Functional Medicine Flow Chart Tami Cleitman

OUTPUT - Personal Recomendations





Food CHoices

Life Style Choices

Stress Reduction & Relaxation


Medical History

Personal DNA

Functional Labs

What do I have to gain from the genetic analysis?

The DNA test and subsequent analysis tells us your unique genetic story by mapping out a list of your personally unique genes and variants. This information helps us to design a program for making nutritional and environmental corrections to optimize bodily function. The purpose of the program is to correct the root cause of your health problems by detoxification, dietary modification, and the use of some supplements in a manner personally tailored for you, based  on a combination of your genetic data, family history, the environment in which you live, and your lifestyle.

Basic Concepts

Genes and their influence on our health

Our bodies are built of microscopic units called cells. Every human cell has 23 pairs of chromosomes which we receive from our parents (one half of each pair from each of our parents). The chromosomes are chains of genes, which are minichains of DNA units. The precise order of the DNA units in the chromosome is a code, which determines many characteristics including how our bodies use, or recombine and then use, different nutrients (from our food) in a variety of biological processes, like cell replication, production of  proteins and enzymes needed for different processes, digestion, detoxification (neutralization and elimination of toxic substances), control of blood sugar levels, activity of mitochondria (the “machines” within our cells which produce energy), sensitivities (and how we deal with them) to certain foods, free radicals, dealing with aging, and dealing with environmental factors which challenge our well-being.

SNP’s and Their Effect On Our Health

When a cell divides into two new cells, its genetic code is duplicated. This duplication process may be flawed, resulting in an alteration in the order of some of the DNA units. This is called a SNP (pronounced “snip”), i.e. Single Nucleotide Polymorphism. When a change like this is passed on from parents to children, the result is that certain variations like this show up in a certain percentage of certain population groups.

Environment and lifestyle affect the expression of SNPs and how our body absorbs, takes advantage of nutrient (nutrients) from food, and eliminates toxins. Each of us has sensitivities that manifest themselves differently and affect the functioning of our genes. Genetic variations may affect the way the body produces antioxidant substances (good) or oxidizing substances (bad) that cause the production of free radicals and oxidative stress that can cause inflammation at the cellular level. Cell damage can slow construction and repair of new cells and eventually accelerated aging.

Most SNP’s do not result in a profound physiological change, but where they are located on a chromosome and their numbers may sometimes affect a tendency to certain diseases or physiological (functional) problems, or in the way in which the body reacts to certain foods or drugs.

Free Radicals/Oxidative Stress- Influence on Health

Our body produces free radicals as a result of its normal ongoing biochemical processes but genetic variations (SNP's) combined with environmental factors may cause their production in large numbers. This produces oxidative stress, which can disturb the normal balance in chemical activity within cells. This can cause internal cellular damage with toxicity and inflammation, which can have a deleterious effect on cells' ability to repair themselves and generate new cells. This can lead to accelerated and early aging.

Scientific research generally has shown that the presence of free radicals and oxidative stress is at the root of many of our health problems.

In order to mitigate this damage and to compensate for the presence of free radicals, the body produces antioxidants to help in the repair of damaged cells and the building of new cells. This process- the production of antioxidants- may be defective because of some of the variants or SNP's which we inherit. With insufficient antioxidants, there is an increase in the oxidative factors, and as a result, the risk of intracellular damage, and thus negative effects on our health.

“Epigenetics”/“Nutrigenomics”- a Revolution in our understanding of the genetic influence on health and longevity

Since the conclusion of the “Human Genome Project” several years ago, the field of research which deals with our understanding of the connection between our inherited genetic makeup and disease, and our ability (or inability) to deal with disease has been very prolific. From the innumerable research projects being carried out at many universities throughout the world, in the last several years, there is an evolution of new approaches and understanding, and new fields of research are emerging, leading to conclusions, many of which are being adopted by doctors and practitioners in alternative medicine, functional medicine, nephropaths, chiropractors, nutritionists, etc.


Among the relevant new fields, the fields of epigenetics and nutrigenomics are particularly prominent. These areas of study deal with the effects of the environment (external and internal) on DNA and the ability of each individual to maximize their genetic potential by "turning off" destructive genetic tendencies and "turning on" beneficial genetic tendencies; This is done by neutralizing harmful environmental effects, neutralizing internal toxins, improving nutrition (nutrition and supplements), fighting "oxidative stress", reducing stress and more.

The extensive media exposure which these concepts have recently received, and the recognition of the commercial potential inherent in improving public access to personal genetic testing and mapping, has led to the establishment of several companies which provide, for a relatively low cost, a service of personal comprehensive genetic mapping. These services are readily accessible on the Internet; thus, it is hardly surprising that from day to day there are growing numbers (already in the millions) of people who take advantage of the possibility of harnessing their genetic information in their quest to receiving answers about their personal medical issues.

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