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One head - three hats





1.MANAGEMENT - Tami is the director of the Chen Qi Center for Whole Medicine - the joint clinic of Dr. Lu and herself in Yahud Israel. Tami helps to manage the treatment of Dr. Lu’s

תמי קלייטמן

patients, including making appointments and other administrative affairs.

Tami can be reached by phone at


or by email at

2. FUNCTIONAL HEALTH CONSIDERATIONS - Tami was trained as a nutritional holistic consultant by Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren, the founder of the Natural Functional Medicine method. Prior to completing the accreditation process, Dr. Tel-Oren had her join his team in his Israeli Ecopolitan Clinic, and since 2014 she has been an active therapist there. Of course, Tami employs many of the skills and knowledge that she had acquired from Dr Tel Oren, and patients who come to the Chen Qi Center in Yahud, enjoy her skills in the field of Functional Health and seek her advice and vast knowledge.


Tami is also a member of the Israeli therapists' club, where she participated in a study group that specializes in the treatment of cancer as well as gastrointestinal problems. 


Tami successfully completed an intensive internet course that trained her to give nutritional guidance to patients who performed DNA tests. Tami provides guidance through the application and utilization of the test results in terms of nutritional (including supplements) and lifestyle modifications relevant to the test results. Following the course, she introduced the revolutionary "MAXIMUM YOU" program to the clinic. Your personalized program is tailor made for you based on combining the results of your DNA tests and the functional tests which you undergo as a part of the program. The goal of the program is to formulate recommendations designed to maximize the physiological function of the body according to its inherent genetic potential.

To date, there is no similar integrated program in Israel.

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