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Healig Method 2: Functional Health 

בדיקות פונקציונליות

Functional Laboratort Tests 

The functional laboratory tests are numerous and the recommendations for their implementation are given in a matter-of-fact manner according to the patient's situation. The more we examine, the more we will know and understand the source of the health problem.

We can also minimize damage that may be caused by a misunderstanding of the source of the problem.

What are functional laboratory tests and why should I choose to do them? 

Functional laboratory tests are comprehensive health tests done by taking samples of saliva, blood, urine, excrement and hair. Through which it is possible to accurately diagnose the condition of all the systems of the body and obtain an up-to-date picture of the patient's health function.


The goal in performing functional laboratory tests is to detect body functions that are not in balance, and to detect diseases in the making (when it is still relatively easy to treat them). The tests guide us in dealing with existing problems and also in the prevention of new problems.

Note: We recently implemented the "MAXIMUM YOU" program - a revolutionary program for maximizing the genetic potential. It allows us to integrate genetic information (obtained from DNA testing) into all considerations in the formulation of a recovery program and we propose the program as one of the three methods of healing in the clinic.

What do we test for in Functional Medicine Labs?

The tests examine various body functions and important metabolic processes. Among the subjects examined are: the quality of metabolism, dietary deficiencies, excess oxidation of fats or proteins, loss of function in the energy-producing systems, the burden of toxins in the liver and other organs, accumulation of substances that cause calcification and premature aging, the level of bacterial and fungal toxins absorbed by the digestive system, physical function, nervous system, general hormonal condition, adrenal function, genetic defects, neurotransmitter dysfunction that affect mental function, nerve damage, digestive system function, and many other functions which are an important tool for diagnosing silent diseases or initial deviation from health, even when no visible symptoms are present, or before and regular lab tests show deviatins from the norm. 

Are the regular Blood tests ordered by my doctor (In Israel) not sufficient?

Some of the advanced functional tests do not exist in laboratories in Israel, and some of them exist but are not performed in health funds due to high costs. The tests that the Israeli public health system confirms are only partial and do not examine many important body functions that are tested in advanced functional tests.

Who should perform functional tests?

Advanced functional tests are essential, especially if a person has performed all the standard tests ordered by the doctor, was found to be healthy but still feels ill.


The information obtained from the advanced functional tests enables a deeper examination and understanding of the patient's health. According to these understandings, personal and precise recommendations can be formulated to improve the situation.

 A list of the tests performed in our clinic will be added here soon. In the meantime please reffer to this page (For Hebrew speakers only) 

Shop for our functional Lab Test here (In Hebrew only for now). 

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