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Healing Method 1

Chinese Medicine - with Doctor Lu

More than any other type of alternative medicine - Chinese Medicine is gaining increasing recognition from the medical establishment. Patients who are not getting satisfactory results from conventional medical frameworks are seeking answers elsewhere. Many of them abandon conventional treatment. Some seek alternative treatment and some opt for a combination of both.

Dr. Lu is an expert in traditional Chinese medicine and Medical Qi Gong, a well-known branch of TCM.


Dr. Lu enjoys a reputation as one of Israel's senior experts of Chinese medicine. Thanks to this reputation, there are many doctors who refer their patients to them when regular treatment is short of ways of helping.

Healing Method 2 -

Functional Health Considerations with

Tami Cleitman

I am sure that functional medicine is the medicine of the future. It differs from conventional medicine in two main ways:

  • It emphasizes the search / clarification / identification of the root cause of the problem and not the treatment of the symptom.

  • The treatment modalities are based on current research and are as much as possible - natural, free of chemicals, and contains a wide range of recommendations for proper nutrition, supplemental consumption, and lifestyle changes.

Healing Method 3 - 


"Nutrigenomics" and "epigenetics" are two relatively new branches of science. They deal with the body's ability (or disability) to  "turn off" bad genes and to turn on "good genes". The ability to look at our genetic makeup and make lifestyle adjustments to optimize the expression of our genetic potential has opened up new horizons in treatment modalities and is a driving force in pushing functional medicine a quantum leap forward.

At the "Chen Qi Center for Whole Treatment" we are proud to present "MAXIMUM YOU": a revolutionary program based on the principles of nutrigenomics and epigenetics aimed to improve DNA function and maximize the genetic potential through nutrition, supplements and lifestyle changes, tailored to the patient in accordance with their unique genetic makeup

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