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Congratulations on your decision to join the community of our patients.

We take your decision very seriously, and we are committed to do everything we can so that in as short a time as possible you will be healthier, and feel happier and more full of vitality, and to help you find relief for the problems for which you have come to us.



Please note:

Dr. Lu often uses massage oil.

As this can stain your clothes, please dress accordingly.




Please bring with you: blood test results and any other relevant medical documents.




Please send us a selfie of your tongue, as follows:

to be taken in the morning immediately upon awakening

take in natural lighting (no flash), before brushing your teeth and before eating

​Send the picture to:



In preparation for our initial appointment together, please fill out, on your computer, our

“Initial Pretreatment Questionnaire”

With our wishes for a complete cure


Doctor Lu and Tami

Sports Injury
Blood Test
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