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When asked why he does not transfer his vast and unique knowledge to the younger generation, Dr. Lu answers with a smile. "You can not really start learning what I know - at a late age. If you do not start in infancy, the results are not the same, you have to breathe it / eat it / drink it, grow with it to make it assimilate and turn into second nature...."

And indeed, from the age of 5, Doctor Lu had begun to learn the secrets of Qi-Kong medicine from his grandfather. When 

he came to study at the university, he had behind him many years as a therapist. Anyone who has been treated by Dr. Lu knows: The treatment experience for him is different from any other therapeutic experience.

We, at the Chen Qi Center for Whole Medicine, are proud that many of the patients who come to our treatment have been referred to us by their doctors (after the conventional treatments offered to them have not improved their condition), who recognize the special abilities of Chinese medicine in general, and are impressed with Dr. Lu's exceptional skills in particular. Many of these doctors are also themselves treated in our clinic, and their recommendations come on the basis of personal experience.

Dr. Lu, a veteran Chinese doctor and a senior Chinese physician in Israel, is a good address for these patients. Some are seriously ill and in need of urgent treatment, and can not afford to wait for a deeper change in the attitude towards Chinese Medicine of the medical establishment. Dr. Lu handles a wide range of diseases and has worked for many years in Israel. Several of his cancer patients have been cured of the disease, some of them with no intervention of ordinary medicine.

Choosing  to come to Dr. Lu for treatment is a choice in a skilled doctor with proven accomplishments over many years.

To read more about Dr. Lu CLICK HERE. 

דוקטור לו צ'אן גונג
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