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Turn on the switch to health!

Take responsibility for your

physical / mental / spiritual health,

Maximize your genetic potential,

look and feel wonderful!

The unique combination of Dr. Lu’s extraordinary skill, based on a tradition of ancient knowledge and many years of experience as a Chinese physician, and Tami Cleitman's skills in collecting, processing and imparting up-to-date and innovative information in the field of functional medicine, puts the "Chen Qi Center for whole treatment" at the forefront of service providers in the field of natural medicine and gives our patients a rare opportunity to enjoy a combination of two world views: that of ancient Chinese medicine and the new one, which is gaining momentum in the best clinics around the world -personalized functional medicine.

Patients who come to our clinic, often disappointed with the results of conventional medical treatment, can benefit from these two worlds at the same time: Dr. Lu’s knowledge and skilled hands, and Tami’s advice regarding nutrition and lifestyle issues. Together, our combined approach is designed to maximize physiological function and your personal genetic potential to support the process of recovery from what ails you.

We treat problems related to weight, diabetes, hypertension, stress, skeletal and musculature problems, skin problems, fibromyalgia, autoimmune problems, prostate problems, infertility, etc., even in situations that are considered difficult to cure. The combined approach of Dr. Lu and Tami Cleitman has far-reaching health implications.

We recently launched an innovative and revolutionary recovery program for the patient based on Tami Cleitman's recommendations to maximize physiological function and genetic potential. The program can be carried out on its own or in conjunction with Dr. Lu's treatment.












Whether you are disappointed with your regular medical treatment and are seeking alternative treatment, or if you simply recognize the importance of preventive care to maximize your health potential by means of Acupuncture, Tweenah, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, we believe that our center can offer you a comprehensive approach that will contribute significantly to maximizing your health, and that you will soon find yourself healthier, happier, and with a feeling of vitality.


We wish you a speedy recovery and complete healing!

Yours with great love, Dr. Lu and Tami Cleitman.

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