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Healig Method 2: Functional Health 

You may choose to use Functional Health Principals alone or combine the three healing methods provided in our clinic).

I believe that functional medicine is the medicine of the future. More and more doctors and therapists are choosing to use  this type of medicine in their clinics and in the coming years their number will greatly increase.

Concepts such as Detox, food supplements, avoiding chemicals, cleaning the internal and external environment, health questionnaires, functional laboratory tests, preserving and improving brain function, body/mind therapies are all taken from the jargon used by Functional Medicine practitioners Our patients hear me use these terms frequently.


I bring here touches / tastings of the above mentioned concepts, in the hope that soon this language will be familiar to you too, and that knowing the world of functional health and implementing the recommendations accordingly will lead you to deepen the understandings related to health and promote the body's ability to enter the healing process. 

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