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Healig Method 2: Functional Health 

Body/Mind Connection

He who has a "WHY" to live for can "bare almost any "HOW"

Victor Frenkel quoting Nietzsche

When battling difficult disease or when battling resistance to change -

I find affirmations extremely helpful. 

Affirmations have the power to enhance change


Affirmations trick our minds to believe the words our mouth utters.  

Repeat, print and place in every corner of your house, workplace and in every accessible place the following affirmations. Repeat them out loud  as often as possible especially when a tricky thought comes to mind. 

I have to say

in every way

my health gets better

day by day

More content will be added to this page soon.
Come back to us often and watch the details fill in with time.
In the meantime, send us your own affirmations. They will be uploaded to the site and added to the presentation if found inspiring. 

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